On January 12, 2021, the final online press-conference of the project “Ecosystem services and hydropower: pilot application of European tools in the river basins of the EaP countries” was held.

The press conference was held by the International Association of River Keepers “Eco-TIRAS” together with partners from Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ukraine with the financial support of the European Union in the framework of supporting the civil society in the region.

Participants of the press-conference: Ilya Trombitsky, Olga Cazanteva, Ruslan Havrilyuk, Aram Gabrielyan, Elchin Sultanov and Oksana Stankevich-Volosyanchuk.

Experts stated that Hydropower remains an important component of the energy systems of the Eastern Partnership countries. In addition to the shunting capacities required to cover the peak loads, hydropower, in the context of the growth of renewable energy, is considered as balancing capacity, the demand for which is sharply increasing. Small hydropower plants are considered as a solution to the problem of power supply to remote mountain regions.

But will our rivers withstand the increasing pressure of hydropower in the face of climate change and decreasing water availability? How to assess the impact of hydropower on river ecosystems and related ecosystems? What rivers’ ecosystem services are being lost and degraded by hydropower, and who is losing from it? How to assess the loss of ecosystem services and to ensure their restoration? The answers to these questions were looked for by the experts of this project.

You can download the press release and find the answers to these questions below:

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