The project will provide systematic support for urban transformation and community engagement in two Lighthouse Cities – Espoo (Finland) and Leipzig (Germany). The solutions developed in the Lighthouse Cities will be closely followed in five Fellow Cities: Maia (Portugal), Kifissia (Greece), Reykjavik (Iceland), Kladno (Czech Republic) and Lviv (Ukraine) with the aim of further replication. The SPARCS project, a smart city initiative that brings together 31 partners with the common goal of creating a network of Sustainable energy Positive & zero cARbon Communities, is officially kicking off on October 1st, 2019.

SPARCS is set to trigger urban transformation while keeping a high quality of life for citizens in the 7 cities. The 5-year project will support the participating cities in developing a shared bold City Vision 2050, with a focus on digitalisation, sustainable energy, improved air quality, electro-mobility solutions, and a framework for performance monitoring of the developed solutions. A top priority will be to set up inclusive management and planning models as well as ecosystems and processes together with companies, city planning and technical departments, research organisations, and most importantly, work together with the citizens. Citizens are at the centre of the decision-making process in SPARCS and the project ensures that citizens are aware of all the activities.

“By enabling, informing and supporting efficient urban transformation in the Lighthouse Cities, we anticipate that the SPARCS project will have a major positive impact on driving forward the sustainable energy and zero carbon agenda, and generate targeted and effective solutions that can be replicated across and beyond Europe”, said Project Coordinator Francesco Reda.

Olegh Bondarenko – radioecology and energy security expert.

Professional interests: nature protection activity, Ukraine’s military sector innovation technologies, law-making, expert and educational activities in the nuclear and environmental fields, monitoring programs and countermeasures for Chernobyl accident consequences mitigation, air quality monitoring and improvement, innovative solutions for carbon-neutral cities, urban energy systems etc.


Kateryna Zhurbas – member of NECU local branch Board «Wind of Change», sustainable urban development expert.

Professional interests: sustainable development of the urban environment, smart and integrated energy solutions for the transition to a low-carbon and resource-efficient economy, urban air quality monitoring and management, waste management.

Vitalii Tsokur – NECU’s lawyer

Professional interests: representation and protection of interests in courts, legal expertise, preparation of recommendations in various areas of legal activity, analytical work in the areas of: search and assessment of information about individuals, property status, prosecution status, committing offenses, public office holding risks; search and assessment of information about legal entities, connections, signs of forgery, compliance with the law in carrying out business activities; analysis of legal cases in the field of nature management, energy, inland water transport development, etc.


Alla Yatskiv – climate change department expert

Professional interests: State policy of the development and implementation of A European Green Deal monitoring; environmental monitoring; international communication; infrastructure facilities impact assessment on the nature reserve fund; ecological safety of territories; environmental impact assessment (EIA).


Anastasiia Cheporniuk – NECU’s Communication Technology Manager

Professional interests: communication technologies, PR, SMM, copywriting, editing, proofreading, translation (languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English), digital marketing, advertising, media cooperation.


Vitalii Hulevets – NECU’s IT manager

Professional interests: ensuring the viability and efficiency of information resources, software installation and configuration, modernization and support of the site functioning, activities in the field of GIS.


Yevhen Bovsunovskyi – energy management systems and air monitoring systems expert

Professional interests: environmentally friendly technologies in municipal utilities field, urban ecosystem management, environmental quality monitoring, energy independent buildings.


Inokentii Horobtsov – junior expert in monitoring and control of air quality.

Professional interests: system analysis of relations between species and populations, and their ecosystems, evolutionary ecology, monitoring and management of environmental quality, management of artificial and semi-artificial ecosystems, innovative technologies in the ecology.


Oleg Ryabchevskyi – energy management systems and air monitoring systems expert

Professional interests: ecological safety of territories and landscapes, technological systems and networks of treatment (purification) equipment and facilities, water treatment and drainage.


Tetiana Yelmanova – accountant

Professional interests: financial accounting, accounting analysis, financial reporting, financial management of project activity.


Vitalii Sharavara – NECU’s project manager

Professional interests: EIA; European integration of legislation in the field of EIA; balanced development; ecology of urban systems; artificial pollution and environmental protection issues; environmental monitoring; waste management and administration; ecological safety of territories and water areas; military ecology.


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