Hydropower is the most powerful factor in river regulation, which leads to irreversible changes in river ecosystems and affects all consumers of ecosystem services: each river basin resident and environment in general.


The final conference of the project «Ecosystem approach to hydropower: facilitating the implementation of European requirements to development of hydropower sector in states of the Eastern Partnership» will be held in Kyiv on October 4.

Where? Big conference hall of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, White Hall., Kiev, st. Volodymyrska, 55.

When? October 04, Friday, 10: 00–17: 00

Organizers: National Ecological Center of Ukraine, with the support of the European Union and Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum, as well as with the participation of Ecosphere NGO, International Association of River Keepers Eco-TIRAS (Moldova), Hazer Ecological and Cultural NGO (Armenia), Azerbaijan Ornithological Society.


The acute environmental situation associated with the current state of the rivers attracts the attention of the public. Civil society organizations are looking for tools for implementing the ecosystem approach and accounting for ecosystem services in the decision-making process on hydropower development, as well as in integrated water resource management in the Eastern Partnership countries. Such an approach will help comprehensively assess the impact of hydropower facilities on the environment, which is extremely important in connection with the threatening plans for massive construction of new hydropower plants.

The event will discuss the status of the implementation of the ecosystem approach in Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia and Azerbaijan, problematic issues and suggestions for promoting its implementation in practice, application features for transboundary basins on the example of the river Dniester.



  • Ruslan Havryliuk, head of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine
  • Oksana Stankevych-Volosianchuk, ecologist of the Public Organization “Ecosphere”
  • Halyna Protsiv, expert of the National Ecological Center of Ukraine
  • Ivan Matushek, EKOSUR expert, Slovakia
  • Ilya Trombitsky, Executive Director of Eco-Tiras (Moldova)
  • Roman Korobov, expert of Eco-Tiras (Moldova)
  • Aram Gabrielyan, expert of “Khazer” NGO (Armenia)
  • Elchin Sultanov, director of the Azerbaijan Ornithological Society
  • Zakorchevna Nataliya, expert of the GEF / UNDP/ OSCE/ UNECE Dniester project


Representatives of state bodies in the field of water resources management, the hydropower sector, scientists, experts, the public and other interested parties are invited to participate.

To participate, you can register by filling out the form, or send an email to info@necu.org.ua. Also, call +38 050 385 90 37 (Ruslan Havryliuk).

For more information, see the link.


The purpose of the project «Ecosystem approach to hydropower: facilitating the implementation of European requirements to the development of hydropower in countries of the Eastern Partnership» is to facilitate the implementation of SEA and EIA procedures as foreseen by the horizontal EU directives and the relevant conventions to which the EaP countries are parties, in order to justify the possibility of implementing plans, programs and projects in the field of hydropower, promotion of the ecosystem approach to hydropower development and integrated water resources management.


The project benefits from support through the EaP Civil Society Forum Re-granting Scheme (EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme) and is funded by the European Union as part of its support to civil society in the region. Its contents are the sole responsibility of National Ecological Centre of Ukraine and partners and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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