Authors: Oksana Stankevych-Volosianchuk, Ruslan Havryliuk, Vitalii Sharavara.

Ecosystem Services of Ukrainian Carpathian Mountain Rivers / O. Stankevych-Volosianchuk, R. Havryliuk, V. Sharavara. – Uzhgorod: “РІК-У”, 2019. – 32 p.

This booklet tells about the mountain rivers of the Ukrainian Carpathians – their features, nature, hydrological regime, hydropower potential and how they affect the whole range of climate change features. A separate section is devoted to the development of small hydropower in the Ukrainian Carpathians and the impact of small hydropower plants on mountain river ecosystems. Particular attention is focused on the ecosystem services of mountain rivers of the Carpathian region of Ukraine and their degradation due to the construction of hydroelectric power plants. Recommended for students, journalists, environmentalists, a wide range of readers.

The overall objective of the project is to promote the integration of the ecosystem approach and  ecosystem services into sectoral economic activities (namely, hydropower development and integrated water management), as provided for in horizontal EU environmental directives and relevant Conventions of which the EaP is the partner to have a reasonable opportunity to realize hydropower plans, programs and projects.

The ecosystem services of rivers in the Eastern Partnership countries are often undervalued, leading to their loss in the case of over-regulation of rivers, primarily for hydropower purposes. The situation is exacerbated by the construction of new hydroelectric power plants without proper environmental assessment of impacts from such structures. The latter is explained by imperfect Eastern Partnership legislation in the field of water management, weak regulatory and methodological tools for assessing the environmental impact of plans, programs and projects, lack of transparency in decision-making procedures, low public access to environmental information and understanding of its role in decision-making process and a selective approach to the “rule of law”.

The subject of the project activity is to identify key weaknesses in national practices and ways of its elimination .

The project promotes the role of the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum in developing partnerships and in the European integration processes in the region.

Річки Карпатського регіону

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